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Welcome to Universal Advisory Group

Universal Advisory Group offers a range of bespoke solutions. We specialise in identifying, recruiting, retaining and growing global talent bases. We emphasise "advisory" because of our consultative approach, being well aware of the unique challenges that today's talent attraction, recruitment and retention holds.

We provide advisory and consulting on the following:

  • Recruitment and Executive Search
  • Brand Management
  • Business Representation
  • Overseas Expansion
  • Training


Market News
October 23rd
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October 23rd
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October 23rd
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Core Functions

  • Technology

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Operations

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources

Core Industries

  • Advertising
  • Media & Digital
  • IT & Advanced Technology
  • Travel & Leisure
  • FMCG/Pharmaceutical

  • Retail & Luxury Goods
  • Insurance

  • Banking and Financial Services